Unknown Story of Antarctica


Antarctica is one of the 7th continents that the Earth has. It is situated on the southernmost part of the Earth. The Southern Ocean is around this continent.

Though hardly any people live here, it is the 5th largest continent. It is double in size than in Australia. Antarctica is also bigger than in Europe. The total area of Antarctica is 14,200,000 square km. Antarctica has the least dense population among all the continents with 0.00008 people per square km. Almost 98% area of this

continent is covered by a thick 1.9 km layer of Ice. There are some amazing unknown facts about this mysterious continent. Let’s know about some of them:


  1. Antarctica was first found by a Russian Expedition in 1820. Till now Antarctica has only two ATM booths. This continent is the least explored land area. It has no country of itself.


  1. Antarctica is the source of the whole world’s 90% of the freshwater ice and 70% of the freshwater.
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