The Anti-cancer diet: 26 Foods that prevent cancer


cancer diet: 26 Foods that prevent cancer

Our eating habit is quite a lot responsible for many diseases. Our unhealthy diet is very much responsible for the development of cancer. Many foods present some beneficial elements that may help to prevent cancer. These foods always decrease the risks of other diseases as well as cancer. Some of them are-


Eatinglittle amounts of carrots help a lot to decrease a specific type of cancer. Eat carrots as a side dish two or three days a week. It will help a lot decrease the rate of cancer. In reducing stomach cancer, carrots play a significant role. Several studies has shown that if you consume carrots it will help you to reduce the risk of stomach cancer by more than 25%. Not just stomach cancer carrots also help to decrease the rate of prostate and lung cancer as well. Taking a high amount of carrots increases the possibility of reducing the rate of prostate cancer by more than 18%. Smokers often have lung cancer. Eating carrots decrease the frequency of lung cancer more than 3times than not eating them.


  1. Broccoli:

Cruciferous vegetables contain some specials elements that help to kill the cancer cell. These elements not just kill the cancer cell but also reduce the tumor size as well. Sulforaphane is a plant compound. This compound generally found in Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. The mixture has anti-cancer properties and reduces specific cancer by a noticeable rate. Taking broccoli at a higher concentration decrease the risk of colorectal cancer. An experiment on mice shows that broccoli reduces the tumor size and kills the tumor cells. The elements that present in broccoli help to reduce the rate of breast cancer as well. Eating broccoli a few times with your meal is right for your health, and it decreases the possibility of cancer.


  1. Beans:

Beans are full of fiber. Many studies show that fiber decreases the chances of colorectal cancer. Research about colorectal tumors on about 2000 people shows that those who eat more beans have an excellent opportunity to cure cancer. Beans also help to prevent colon cancer as well as colorectal cancer. A study on animal shows that eating beans decrease the rate of colon cancer by more than 75%. Therefore, according to these results, we can say that eating beans regularly reduce the risk of cancer. As you eat seeds, the amount of fiber in your body increase. Fibers help to prevent the development of cancer cells.


  1. Berries:

Berries are full of anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a plant element, which is full of antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help to decrease the risk of many cancers. A study of 25 people with colorectal cancer shows that bilberry extract reduces the growth of cancer cells within just seven days by about 8%. A survey of oral cancer shows that if it treated with freeze-dried black raspberries, then the level of disease decreases significantly. Freeze-dried black raspberries also reduce the esophageal tumor-forming by more than 54%. It also decreases the growth rate of a tumor by 62%. Therefore, you can include two barriers in your diet food, and it will help you to reduce the cancer rate.


  1. Nuts:

Eating nuts help to prevent death from cancer. Nuts also help to decrease the growth rate of the cancer cell. A study of 20000 people shows that eating nuts reduces the risk of dying from cancer. Nuts also reduce the risk of several types of cancer. Research on more than thirty thousand people shows that people who aged more than 30 if they eat nut regularly reduce the risk of colorectal, pancreatic, and endometrial cancers. In Brazilian nuts, selenium found at a very high rate. Due to this, it also reduces the risk of lung cancer as well. Therefore, according to these results, adding some nuts on a diet will help you to prevent cancer.


  1. Olive oil:

We all know that olive oil is so beneficial for our health. It also has cancer-preventing quality as well. Many studies prove several times that consuming olive oil helps to prevent several types of cancer. Once an investigation, which is a report of about 20 researches, shows that consuming a higher amount of olive oil decreases the risk of breast and digestive system cancer than those who consume a little amount of it. Another study of some researchers shows that taking olive oil also helps to prevent colorectal cancer as well. You can simply swipe other oil and start consuming olive oil for a healthy cancer-free life.


  1. Turmeric:

Turmeric is one type of spice. It is much known for its medicine type properties. In turmeric, curcumin found. This chemical has the quality of antioxidants and even anti-cancer quality as well. For reducing colon-cancer turmeric plays an important role. A study with 40 people shows that if colon cancer treated with4 grams of curcumin daily, then it can decrease by more than 40%. It not just reduces the colon cancer but also spot the spreading of colon cancer cell as well. A study also found that turmeric also slows the growth of lung and breast cancer. It is good to eat 1-2 teaspoons of turmeric daily. Turmeric can ensure you a better and healthy cancer-free life.


  1. Citrus fruits:

Some studies show that eating citrus fruits helps to low the risks of many cancers. Such citrus fruits are lemons, limbs, organs, etc. several studies proved that

who eat such fruits regularly at a higher rate, they have a slight risk of developing digestive cancer. Citrus fruits are also likely to decreases the risk of respiratory disease as well. Citrus fruits help a lot to prevent pancreatic cancer. Eating several fruits per week will decrease the risk of many types of cancer.


  1. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are red due to lycopene. Lycopene also contains anti-cancer qualities. Due to this reason, tomatoes help to prevent many types of cancer. Lycopene plays a significant role in preventing prostate cancer. A study performed with 40,000 people shows that eating tomato sauce, in particular, decreases the rate of prostate

cancer noticeably. You can eat some tomatoes daily, as a salad with your diet will help you to prevent disease.


  1. Garlic:

Multiple test tube studies proved that garlic helps to kill the cancer cell. Garlic can do so for its active compound, which is known as allicin. A survey with half of the patients shows that eating garlic reduces the risk of stomach cancer. Preventing prostate cancer garlic helps a lot. Due to its anti-cancer properties, it can also help to reduce the growth of the tumor. Therefore, you can add 3-5 grams of garlic on your diet every day. It will help you to stay healthy and cancer prevented life.


  1. Flaxseed

Flaxseed contains a high amount of fiber and good fats that can keep your heart healthy. It is a perfect food item for decreasing the growth of cancer cells. The flaxseed can also help to kill off those. 32-breast cancer affected women gone under a study. They took flaxseed either muffin every day or placebo for about one month. The result has shown that who took flaxseed gained decreased levels for some specific markers on tumor growth measurement. Moreover, they obtained an increased ratio of cancer cells death. Another study on 161 men, who had prostate cancer, treated using flaxseed. In this case, the growth and spreading of cancer cells also reduced here. Flaxseed can also fight against colorectal cancer. Therefore, it is clear that flaxseed can be an ideal solution to prevent disease. Try to take this regularly.


12. Fatty Fish


If you take some fish servings in the diet every week; it may reduce the risk of getting affected by cancer. It has proven in a study that a higher intake of fish can lower digestive tract cancers risk. There are many essential nutrients in some fatty fishes like salmon, mackerel, and anchovies. These fishes contain a higher amount of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty fishes are perfect for lowering the risk of cancer. A study has proven that if you eat more amounts of fish, you can quickly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. On the other hand, red and processed meats increase the risk highly. You can set a target to take two servings of fatty fish in a week. If you do this, you will get a maximum benefit on health.


13. Cinnamon:


Cinnamon are a very well known food for health benefits and blood sugar reducing ability. Some studies on test-tube and animal show that it can play an important role to block the spreading of cancer cells. Moreover, it also demonstrated in another test-tube study that the cinnamon essential oil can suppress the growth of cancer cells in the head and neck area. It also reduced the size of the tumor significantly. Cinnamon is very much useful to decrease the growth and spread of tumors. As well as cinnamon extract can induce the death of tumor cells. If you add 2-4 grams of cinnamon per day, it will be very beneficial to prevent cancer. It can also reduce your blood sugar and can decrease inflammation.


14. Drink Green Tea:


Tea (leaves) contains some antioxidants known as catechins. It prevents cancer in various ways. As well as prevents cell damage from free radicals. In some lab studies, it has found that catechins can shrink tumors. It also reduces the growth of tumor cells. Catechins are available in both black and green tea. However, the antioxidant remains highly in green tea rather than black tea. Therefore, you can take one cup of green tea daily as your anti-cancer diet.



  1. Whole grains: 

American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) says that entire grain’s components can lower your risk of cancer, antioxidants, and fiber included. Another large study found that your risk of colorectal cancer might cause lower by taking whole grains. Therefore, make entire grains in the top item of your food habit to fight cancer. Grains are the energy storage of cultivated grasses. Grains mean brown rice, wheat, millet, corn, barley, pasta, sorghum, rye, and oats. Grain seeds are the source of whole grains and grain products. These grains consist of the endosperm, germ, and bran. Wholegrain contains protein, starch, fiber, vitamin B, and other micronutrients. These ingredients are most concentrated in the outer layers of germs and grains.


  1. Spinach:


We all know that lutein is an antioxidant, and this is good for our eyes. However, many of us do not know that spinach plays a role in guarding us against cancer as well. It contains a large number of carotenoids, zeaxanthin, and lutein. Carotenoids that remove void molecules get rid of free radicals before they get damaged. All of these stuffy ingredients are available in dark green leafy vegetables and spinach. Some studies prove that they can protect us from stomach, mouth, and esophagus cancer. The more you eat spinach the less you can develop

esophageal cancer.


  1. Bright orange colored veggies and fruits: 


Bright color in plants is a sign of containing phytochemicals such as carotenoid antioxidants. Carotenoids (beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lutein, lycopene, cryptoxanthin) are the procurement of vitamin A. You can find this component in sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, pumpkin, squashes, berries, and other veggies and fruits. Research says that beta-carotene is a fundamental nutrient for detoxification, immune functioning, liver health and fighting against the cancer of eyes, organs, and skin. One of the studies says those carbohydrate-rich vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, and carrots, other whole grains, and tubers reduce the risk of numerous cancers, especially of the upper digestive tract. High glycemic and refined grain containing foods are a part of the anti-cancer diet.


  1. Fresh spices and herbs:

Turmeric is a powerful ingredient in an anti-cancer diet because it fights breast and colon cancer and decreases tumor size. Black pepper has enhanced the absorption of turmeric. It helps to fight inflammation. Try to have ¼ teaspoon of black pepper and one teaspoon of turmeric powder. You can have them with a tonic drink, in a vegetable stir-fry, or with eggs.


Curcumin supplements will be helpful for you; try to have 1000mg curcumin daily. Raw garlic, ginger, cayenne, thyme, basil, oregano, and parsley act as immune system boosters. You can use these ingredients easily in many juices, smoothies, dressings, and recipes.


  1. Organic Meats

Organic meat, a highly recommended item on the cancer-fighting diet, chicken, or beef liver also included. These considered as the most nutrient-dense foods on the earth, and they contain a high amount of vitamin B12. Animal proteins provide us minerals, and these minerals help us to enhance the ability to remove the digestive tract and toxins and cleanse the liver.


Detoxifying with rich sources of zinc, selenium and Vitamin B work well to purify the blood, and they produce the bile, which is necessary to store essential vitamins, iron and minerals, digest fats, and balance hormones naturally. Foods containing minerals help to reduce the effect of prescription drugs, alcohol, high triglyceride levels, hormone disruptions, obesity, viral infections, and low potassium.


  1. Cultured dairy products

Cultural dairy products are known as a rich source of “good bacteria” probiotics. Bacteria probiotics are microorganisms that help to increase Immunity and develop natural bacteria in your intestinal microflora. More than 80% of your immune system stored in your gut, so supplementation and probiotic foods can help cells renew and stop tumor growth.


If you want to take probiotics in your food, add kefir, yogurt, and cheese to your diet, these raw milk products are the most natural state. Try to have six ounces of cultured dairy (cottage cheese, probiotic yogurt, amasi or kefir)


  1. Mushrooms

Though hundreds of mushrooms are available today; nutritional mushrooms differ according to their taste, appearance, and taste. However, all of them are known to increase Immunity and have been used to fight cancer for years. Specially cordyceps, maitake, and reishi can fight tumor growth, help with cell regeneration and immune function. Tincture and capsule form is suitable for cooking.


Mushroom has emerged as a great source of antioxidants, nutraceuticals, probiotics, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, cardiovascular, anti-diabetic and anti-microbial. White, button mushrooms, crimini, oyster, shitake, portabella, reishi, and turkey tail mushrooms contain anti-cancer compounds. Do not pick a wild mushroom until you are not sure about its edibility.


  1. Wine:

In 2015 a study from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill said that wine reduces the risk of esophageal cancer. Those who drink wine have 57% fewer possibilities to get cancer than those who did not drink up. According to 27 clinical epigenetics studies, flavonoids, which are antioxidant compounds in grape skin, may also influence gene expression to reduce cancer risk.


You can find a bioactive compound, resveratrol in the skin of peanuts, cranberries, and grapes, and so on. Taylor suggests the men and women not to drink more than one or two alcoholic beverages daily; these will keep their cancer risk low.


  1. Salmon

According to research published in the international journal cancer, eating fatty fish, as salmon once in a week at least, will make you 57% likely to get cancer compared to those who do not get fishy. Fatty fish contains two types of fatty acids, and they are DHA and EPA. According to researchers, these nutrients can reduce the capability of harmful fatty acids.


According to a study from the University of Kanas Medical Center (KMC) published in 2015 fatty fish is a necessary element for women’s diet because oily fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that reduce the risk of breast cancer.


  1. Soy Milk

According to Taylor, phytonutrients, and some other nutrients contained in soy foods prevent cancer. Fiber, protein, and isoflavones of soy have their health benefits. There is a myth that soymilk increases the risk of getting breast cancer. However, the reality is if you do not eat much soy foods, you will be risk-free. The growth of estrogen-dependent tumors is interrupted by soy foods. According to a study of more than 97 thousand women, those who drink a few ounces of soymilk daily have a lower risk of ovarian cancer. The Shanghai Women’s Health Study shows, women who eat soy during their early ages, their risk of developing premenopausal breast cancer decrease by about 60%.


  1. Apple


Apple is a very much natural fruit all over the world. It contains a lot of nutrition. Polyphenols inside the apple contain anti-cancer properties. It is a plant-based compound, which can effectively prevent infections, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease. The mixture also includes some tumor-fighting features. Phloretin of apple can inhibit the growth rate of breast cancer cells efficiently but does not any harm or affect healthy cells. So, start eating an apple every day. It will keep the doctor and cancer away from you.


  1. Legumes


Legumes are not any significant food element or diet. Beans, peas, lentils, etc. are known as legumes. Some of them are described here in this article already. Here, you will know about some more effectiveness of these. It contains a high amount of fiber that can quickly lower the risk of developing cancer. If you take a more elevated amount of legume, you can quickly reduce the risk of getting colorectal cancer. It can also prevent breast cancer. So, try to eat some legumes daily to keep the disease far away from you.


Conclusion: Cancer is known as a deadly disease. The chance of remaining alive is meager if you get affected by it. So, try to lead a healthy life for preventing cancer. If you become a bit careful about your diet, you can reduce the risk of cancer. Here in this article, we have described 26 foods that can easily preventable diseases. Try to maintain this anti-cancer diet. If you can keep this, the risk of getting affected by cancer will decrease to about 0% — best wishes to you.



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