The 50 Best Ways to speed up your metabolism


Best Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

Introduction: Metabolism is an essential part of our body mechanism. It helps our body to digest all the foods we eat. If this system gets hampered, our body becomes ill. So, you should do something to boost your metabolism. There are so many ways to boost metabolism. Here, we are going to discuss 50 best ways of it. If you follow these, you can quickly boost your metabolism and keep yourself healthy.


  1. Eat zinc-rich oysters

In oysters, you will find some essential elements that are good for our health. Zinc is one of the significant aspects that are found in oysters. In the case of boosting metabolism, zinc has a vital role. Thyroid hormone is a much-needed hormone for our health. But if one has not enough zinc in the body, then the thyroid hormone will not produce. Severally, we also need thyroid hormone to absorb the zinc in our body. In simple words, the shortage of zinc in our body makes your metabolism sluggish.

On the other hand, if you have enough zinc in your body, then it will boost your metabolism and helps you a lot to lose weight. Some studies show that the people who eat 30miligram of zinc daily has improved BMIs than others. You can get 30 milligrams of zinc from just eating six oysters. So, eating oysters every day will help you to boost your metabolism.

  1. Snack on yogurt

We all know that protein and Calcium are found in yogurt in a large amount. But there are also so many things that we do not know about yogurt. Some studies show that yogurt is a great dieting product. If one eats yogurt daily, then it helps to lose weight. You just need to eat yogurt daily as a part of your diet; yogurt is an excellent low-calorie diet as you are taking a minimal calorie on a snack so you can incorporate with other food throughout your day. It will not affect you severely. Yogurt, pickle, and sauerkraut like food have good bacteria in it, which helps our gut system quite effectively. As a result, it boosts your metabolism, and you can lose your weight quickly.


  1. Brew a caffeinated cup of coffee

There are many simple things around us, which are quite good at boosting our metabolism, and we do not know about them, coffee in one of them as coffee boosts your metabolism, so it becomes easy to lose weight. Coffee is an excellent source of caffeine. Some studies show that caffeine retrieves our sympathetic nervous system and boost lipolysis. Lipolysis is simply stood for fat burn. Drinking a cup of coffee without sugar or black tea helps a lot to boost metabolism. So, drinking black coffee daily and get good health under perfect BMI.


  1. But don’t overdo it on the caffeine

We mentioned above that coffee is a good source of caffeine and caffeine helps to boost metabolism. Coffee is good for our health to a limited amount. Taking a considerable amount of caffeine can also be harmful. Nutritionist says that if you in choosing a lot of caffeine, then you might not realize that you are hungry or not. You’ll get more food at dinner when you reach home. Taking much food at just one time in a day can also make it metabolism sluggish. It will store as fat by time. So, you should drink a limited amount of coffee every day. Three or four cups of coffee in a day will help you to control the caffeine level in your body.

  1. Add more avocados

Avocado is also a great metabolism booster. That is because avocado has a lot of metabolism-enhancing monounsaturated fat in it. Monounsaturated fat helps a lot to boost metabolism. That is not that entire avocado does for us. Creamy fruits like avocado are full of antioxidants that help to kill the free radical present in our body. These free radicals are created from metabolism, and they are the reason for many health problems as well. The antioxidants present in avocado helps to neutralize the free radicals. Antioxidants also found in fresh vegetables and fruits, but they cannot reach the mitochondria. Most free radicals are in mitochondria. If there are free radicals on the mitochondria, then it won’t work correctly, as a result, the metabolism of our body will be more sluggish. Here the monounsaturated fat comes forward and makes the mitochondria resilient.


  1. Opt for organic beef, eggs, and dairy

We eat to survive. We get energy from that we eat. Our body uses energy according to the direction of hormones but we make it so much difficult for our body to keep the balance. It is because we eat junk food more than organic foods. Due to this reason, our metabolism also gets sluggish and becomes more challenging to lose weight. Expert says that to boost our metabolism, we should switch to organic foods and avoid junk food as much as possible.


  1. Choose broccoli

Vitamin C and Calcium both together are quite good at boosting metabolism. Finding them together is also a very easy job as well. You just need to eat broccoli and you can have the benefit. In broccoli, there is both vitamin C and Calcium is present. The temps up with each other and helps a lot to boost your metabolism. As a result, it becomes more comfortable and efficient to lose weight. Broccoli also helps kill cancer cells from our bodies. It helps to prevent many more diseases as well as boosting metabolism.


  1. Laugh more

Some may think that maybe I am joking, but I am not. Seriously, laughing is burns many calories. By just laughing for 10-15 minutes, you can burn up to 180 calories. Many heavy exercises cannot burn this much calories within this limited timeframe. As you burn more calories, so do you boost metabolism?


  1. Add mustard to meals

Some little things can do many changes in your task. You can simply boost your metabolism by just eating a tiny amount of mustard. Some research shows that eating five calories of mustard can boost metabolism by more than 25%. So, a little amount of mustard can bring a lot of changes in boosting metabolism. Add some mustard in your daily meal, and shortly you will feel the difference.


  1. Move for two minutes

There are many simple and easy ways to stay active and lose weight. There is no need to do heavy exercise, like running on a treadmill for hours to boost metabolism. There are many simple ways that that. To increase your metabolism and lose weight, you just need to burn more calories. You can burn more calories in just 2minutes than you can burn on a treadmill in an hour. You just need to do is some bursts of max-effort cycling. And then rest for a few minutes. It will boost your metabolism for the next 24hours.


  1. Muscle building and lifting heavy things

Your muscles burn calories even while you’re resting. One pound of flesh burns around six calories each day, just for sustainability. This small calorie usage might add up over time. So imagine what bigger muscles could accomplish. Build muscles instead of fats because muscles increase the rate of metabolism.


Lifting heavy things has the beneficial effect of your muscles building up. Resistance training also helps to combat the drop in metabolism when someone loses weight. One study with 48 overweight women had them consume 800 calories each day. Some of them had their resistance training cut off, while others continued. As a result, who continued exercise experienced greater muscle mass and more metabolisms. On the other hand, the others had less muscle mass and more importantly, decreased metabolism.


  1. High-intensity workouts

Compared to moderate-intensity workouts, high-intensity workouts give a more excellent pump to your metabolism. These exercises consist of quick and intense sessions of activity. This causes your body to use up calories even after you finish your workout. Because of that, fat burns.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) especially has more of this effect. HIIT has also proven to help you in burning fat. A study on obese young men showed that 12 weeks of high-intensity training reduced 2kg of fat and reduced 17% of their belly fat.


  1. Drink more water

Our body needs water to burn calories. Metabolism can slow down even if you are mildly dehydrated. It has been shown that 0.5 liters of water increase metabolism by 10% to 30% for around an hour.

People are more successful at losing weight if they drink more water instead of sweetened beverages. Sweetened drinks contain more calories, so replacing them with water promotes weight loss. Drinking water half an hour before eating helps you to eat less. According to a study, drinking water before a meal could help you lose 44% more weight.


  1. Less sitting

Just sitting around all day is a bad strategy for good health. Long periods of sitting may lead to fewer calories burnt and weight gain. You can burn an extra 174 calories by just standing up at work in the afternoon.

Having a desk job might mean that you have to sit around all day. It might lead to meager amounts of calories burnt. So instead try to break up the time you spend sitting by standing up now and then for short periods. All of these will increase your metabolism for sure.


  1. More protein

After you eat food, your metabolism might increase for a few hours. It is known as the thermic effect of food, in short, “TEF”. And this is due to the extra energy needed for digestion, absorption, and processing of the nutrients you intake.

Protein gives the most rise in TEF. You can get a metabolism rate increase by 15-30%, which is way more than the TEF for carbs (5-10%) and fats(0-5%). Losing fat may cause a drop in metabolism. Protein helps to reduce that drop. This is because protein reduces muscle loss, a side effect caused by dieting.


  1. Drink black coffee

Coffee has concentration and energy-boosting effects for many. According to studies, caffeine in your coffee could increase your metabolism by 3-11%. Coffee can increase your endurance while you exercise, and also contribute to fat burning.

Lean people are shown to be affected more by this. In a study, 29% of thin women experienced increases fat burning due to coffee, whereas only 10% of obese women experienced the same. Coffee not only makes you feel energized, but its positive effects on fat burning and metabolism may also lead to successful maintenance and weight loss.


  1. Drink green tea

Green tea offers the dual benefits of catechins and caffeine. This tea accelerates fat burning by 10-17%. This is because they convert into fatty acids from stored fat inside the body.

This tea is low in calories, so drinking them can be good for weight loss. Drinking 2-4 cups of green tea can increase calories burnt by 17% during moderate-intensity workouts for a short amount of time. But some studies also show that green tea does not affect metabolism, and so its effect might be minute or might only be applicable for some people.


  1. More spicy foods

There are natural chemicals present in spicy foods that can increase your metabolism. Even a tablespoon of chopped chili pepper in your food can increase the metabolic rate.

Capsaicin is present in peppers. This substance has been shown to boost your metabolism. Unfortunately, many people can’t tolerate the spice amounts needed to have a considerable effect. In one study with capsaicin, it showed that taking it in small quantities would burn around ten more calories per meal. For an average male, this could mean 0.5 kg of weight loss after 6.5 years. Just adding spices to food might have little effect on your metabolism, but combining it with other metabolism increasing techniques could lead to a better advantage.


  1. Eat frequently and healthy

Eating more frequently can increase your metabolism and help in losing weight. Your metabolism slows down when you keep significant gaps in many hours between your big meals. If you eat some small snacks within every 3-4 hours, it will keep your metabolism-boosting. It will also help you to burn more calories all day.

Use oils containing more medium-chain fats, such as coconut oil with food. These fats increase metabolism more than long-chain fats contained in food like butter. In a study, medium-chain lipids showed to increase your metabolism by 12% while long-chain fats only increase it by 4%. By replacing your cooking oil with coconut oil, you may experience generous benefits in losing weight.


  1. Sleep well

Lack of sleep has a high chance of leading to obesity. Sleep deprivation harms metabolism. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation alters the metabolism of glucose and also metabolism-regulating hormones.

These said hormones are ghrelin and leptin. Lack of sleep causes the ghrelin hormones to increase and leptin to decrease. This combination makes you hungrier and makes you feel less, reducing weight loss. Sleep deprivation is also linked to insulin resistance and increased sugar levels in your blood. These two factors might increase the risk of causing type-2 diabetes.


  1. Eat enough protein:

Eating food will improve your metabolism for several hours. It raises the metabolism rate by 15–30%. Eating protein can make you feel fuller. It prevents you from overeating. It may also reduce the reduction in metabolism. It reduces muscle loss, which is a result of dieting. Skipping meals can negatively affect metabolism. Eating non-filling meals can have the same effect. Eating too less can cause metabolism rate to go down also. The body conserves energy by slowing down the metabolism rate. Eating more protein boosts metabolism and burns calories.


  1. Eat at a regular time:

Consistently eating helps to maintain metabolic balance. The body depends on regularity and symmetry. The body burns calories slower if someone eats irregularly. Eating at a regular time balances the body. Also, eating small snacks every 3 or 4 hours helps with boosting metabolism. It speeds up weight loss too. Eating heavy meals always slows down the metabolism process. Again, it can prevent overeating. Several small meals can stabilize blood sugar even. Eat three times daily but have smaller meals. Doing such improves metabolism rate and keeps health healthy. Also, this habit helps to burn more calories and prevents overweight issues.


  1. Eat spicy foods:

Spicy food can boost your metabolism. If you eat spicy foods, then it could help boost your metabolism. Besides, spicy foods also help you to stay a healthy weight; it maintains your good health structure. But most people can’t tolerate spicy foods; these spices required to have a significant effect. So, if you want to boost your metabolism then, obviously you have to go with spicy foods. For the researcher’s study, they gave forty men and women spicy foods and then, they found their answer. They notice that these spices work by developing your body temperature. Spicy foods also help you to lose your heavyweight.


  1. Drink water:

The body needs water to function correctly. Water is necessary for the metabolism process. Drinking normal cold water is better than sugary drinks. Coldwater boosts metabolism and helps to burn calories. On the other hand, sugary drinks are full of calories. It increases calorie intake. Coldwater affects the calorie-burning process. Water can help you get filled. Drinking water before a meal helps to eat correctly. People with this habit can healthily lose extra weight. So, water can help to lose weight and keep it that way. It helps to fill up before meals and boosts metabolism.


  1. Drink green tea:

Some research shows that green tea can increase metabolism by 4-5%. Green tea can convert fats into fatty acids. It increases fat burning significantly. Green tea contains low calories. Thus, it is suitable for diet and weight maintenance. Green tea is a good substitute for sugar juices. Drinking it every day can maintain the water level of the body also. However, its effect may vary from person to person. Green tea contains caffeine. It increases fat oxidation and raises the metabolic rate. It also contains catechin. This antioxidant is also helpful to boost metabolism. Both catechin and caffeine can help to burn calories faster.


  1. Do physical exercise:

Physical exercise burns calories very fast and boosts metabolism. Muscle mass has a higher rate of metabolism than fat. It needs more energy to preserve. Doing regular physical training burn up fat and raises metabolism rate. This effect lasts very long. Also, it is beneficial. You can add high-intensity exercise to maintain a routine. Some researches show high-intensity exercises to be ten times effective than regular activities. Mixing both types of those exercises burns fat drastically. We know muscles lose elasticity with age. Regular exercise can help to avoid this effect also.


  1. Reduce stress:

Stress and metabolism share a common bond. Stress disturbs the hormone level. The body produces an abnormal amount of cortisol under stress. So, people under stress intake many calories than the body can consume. It causes the metabolism to slow down. Stress starts a chain reaction on our bodies. It slows fat metabolism and makes body overweight. Also, stress causes many unhealthy issues. It is already a common fact that people under stress develop cardiac problems. Stress affects the quality of sleep too. Peaceful sleep is necessary for a healthy metabolism.


  1. Heavyweight lifting exercise:

If you are healthy and not burdened by age, do add heavyweight lifting on your routine. It burns calories a lot faster than usual exercises. It boosts the metabolism rate. Muscle is more active in metabolic terms than fat. So, improving muscle directly affects the metabolism growth rate. So, we need to burn calories in a healthy way to increase metabolism. More muscle volumes can lead to increased metabolism. Besides, heavy lifting is one of the many ways to build muscle density. Weight lifting is critical for muscle construction. So, perform this exercise if it is possible for you.


  1. Get a lot of vitamin B:

Vitamin B is essential for metabolism. They help to improve the metabolism rate. B-12 and B-6 metabolize protein. Eat foods with vitamin B daily for a healthy metabolism. Vegetables, fruits, eggs contain most types of vitamin B., But B-12 is available in animal products. Vitamin B converts foods into energy. It is a great friend of people with overweight problems. Vitamin B converts amino acids into neurotransmitters. They can help to reduce mental stress. Vitamin B boosts the processing abilities of the stomach. So, we can get a healthy metabolism thanks to it. Regularly eat vitamin B enriched food for good health.


  1. Get good sleep:

Sound sleep and healthy metabolism are linked to each other. If you sleep less, you may get affected by stress. Also, the body releases a hormone to make people hungrier when it lacks sleep. It prevents releasing leptin. Leptin helps to feel full. Getting proper sleep maintains the balance of hormones. If you sleep less, your blood sugar may get increased. It also causes insulin resistance. Sleep-deprived people gain weight rapidly. It directly affects metabolism. Lack of sleep reduces calorie burn. Getting good sleep can boost metabolism. It also removes stress and helps to feel fresh. Adults need daily 6-8 hours of sleep to maintain good health.


  1. Pick spicy peppers

Peppers are very much useful to boost up your metabolism. However, some reports said previously spicy peppers could rev up metabolism, but some other studies found that dihydrocapsiate can less similar weight. Dihydrocapsiate also called DCT. It is a cousin of non-spicy pepper. People who used to eat more DCT got a metabolic boost, which was about double of the placebo group. So, try to pick some spicy peppers for boosting up your metabolism.


  1. Lower the bedroom temperature at night

Fat is a weird word for health-conscious people- because it increases the risk of high blood pressure, even diabetes. But, there is some type of fats which are suitable for health. Those fats are known as “good fat”. We came to know from diabetes-related study that your brown fat would transform by the cold temperature if you simply turn the AC on. It burns the bad fat stores for keeping us warm. If you sleep in 66 degrees for four weeks, you will be able to increase the amount of brown fat almost double.


  1. Eat the bulk of carbs at night

The European Journal of Nutrition conducted a study upon two groups of men. One group allowed to eat their carbs for the whole day and the second group enabled them to utilize their reserved carbohydrates at nighttime only. The result has shown that the nighttime carb group obtained higher diet-induced thermogenesis significantly. In this time, the daytime-carb group received a higher blood sugar level. SO, you should eat the bulk of your carbs at night time to boost your metabolism.


  1. Add vinegar to meals

Vinegar is known as a salad item. But it can switch the genes on for releasing the proteins to break down the fats. In a study on 175 Japanese people (men and women) has shown that who used to drink apple cider vinegar one or two tablespoons daily up to 12 weeks, successfully lowered the body weight. They also reduced BMI, visceral fat as well as waist circumference. That’s why; you should take vinegar in such a way to boost your metabolism easily.


  1. Eat one or two egg yolk

Egg contains a lot of protein. It also contains low calories and no fat. If you eat an egg, it will be beneficial for your metabolism. The yolk has many nutrients for stoking metabolism. It also contains fat-soluble vitamins, fatty acids, and choline. Choline is a powerful compound that can prevent fat-storing around the liver. If you eat up to three eggs per day, it will not affect your lipid profile.


  1. Utilize extra virgin olive oil

The human body needs dietary fat, especially healthy oils, for adequately losing weight and function. If you consume the proper fats, it will help you to defeat hunger and maximize metabolism. It also speeds up the nutrients through the body. Besides, it helps to absorb the fat-soluble nutrients.


  1. Sip on green tea

You can miss a significant metabolism boost by putting coffee over tea. The rats used in the study experienced a 27.1% mass reduction of body. Additionally, abdominal fat reduction was 36.6% on average. Green tea brew contains catechins which are a type of antioxidant. It releases fat from fat cells. Green tea also speeds up the capacity of the liver to turn the fat into energy.


  1. Drink full-fat milk

If you consume dairy, it may help you to efficiently metabolize more fats. It also increases the calcium intake. If you drink a glass of full-fat milk daily, it will boost your metabolism high. So, try to drink a glass of milk every day.


  1. Stand at work three hours a day

Mostly, we sleep about 8 hours per day. Working peoples spend seven to ten or more hours sitting at the desk. At this time, most of the parts of our body remain inactive. But it does not go with the body functions. Our evolutionary history says that human needs to keep themselves active for food and fuel. Therefore, you have to do something to keep your body functioning. If you stand more and sit for less time every day, it will help you much to burn calories. Try to stand for three hours in a day. After one year, you will be able to burn more than 30000 extra calories quickly.


  1. Eat more garlic

Garlic is commonly used as a spice to cook various items. It can easily control the level of lipid in blood and boosts blood-sugar metabolism. Your immune system will boost up by eating garlic regularly. Moreover, you can keep yourself safe and secure from heart diseases if you add garlic to your food. Lower blood pressure and inflammation will also remain far from you if you eat garlic daily.


  1. Nibble on dark chocolate

Chocolates are always mouth-watering to everyone. No one can say no to chocolate. If this food can utilize to boost your metabolism, then no one will be unhappy anymore. Dark chocolate lowers the stress hormone level. It also regulates more metabolism than a control group. Stress can fritz your fat-burning machine. The chemicals in cocoa such a flavonoid increases metabolism by reducing stress. By taking dark chocolate in a small amount is healthy. According to researchers, 1.5 ounce daily is enough.


  1. Turn off sleep-blocking blue light at night

To have a faster metabolism, you can get help from your phone also. All you have to do is install some apps like f.lux or Twilight on your device. As soon as your bedtime approaches, these apps will lessen certain parts of the light spectrum of your phone. A study showed that LED lights in the phone hamper the production of sleep hormone melanin. Reducing the sun will give a sound sleep at night. A sound night’s sleep will help you to boost your metabolism significantly.


  1. Have some cheese

Cheese is satisfying, portable, and inexpensive food. It is filled with Calcium, Vitamin D, and Protein. If you are thinking to ditch dairy for losing weight, then you should think twice. The gut bacteria in cheese are essential for our health. Its commonly known that a healthy gut speeds up weight loss and improves digestion. Renowned author Tanya Zuckerbrot said that Calcium promotes weight loss in her book. It helps to maintain muscle mass that boosts and helps keep metabolism. Calcium helps more efficiently by burning calories all day. You can turn your cheese into fiber-rich snacks.


  1. Give up sugary energy drinks

Nowadays, worldwide people drink caffeine every day. Caffeine boosts your metabolism for a bit. Especially when it is ingested before exercise; however, the calories gained by drinking them cannot be removed. Not even an amount of metabolic boost can burn the calories supplied by drinking energy drinks. A study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings said that every energy drink servers up to a quarter cup of sugar. These calories hit your body directly and increase fat storage. By quitting energy drinks will lower your blood pressure. This habit will also help you to sleep better at night. Leaving energy drink will boost your mood and decrease anxiety. To burn your calories, you can try tap water.


  1. Eat full-fat foods

Many of us still believe that full-fat foods harm our bodies. Resulting, more and more people are cutting down on fat. The actual scenario is different. According to a recent study, eating full-fat foods are good for our health. It may keep you thin. Knowing this, people are breaking the old-fashioned trend. They are now choosing whole fat-foods over fat-free foods. Though many health organizations like the American Heart Association still wants to cut down fat. The fact is people eating high-fat dairy products have the lowest diabetics record. The researchers have found that calcium protein, vitamin D, and the nutrients in yogurt are good for our health.


  1. Eat an apple a day

Apple promotes weight loss and helps the body to fight disease. Apples contain luxurious fiber, and they are rich in antioxidants. 85% of an apple is filled with water. So, it keeps our body hydrated and energetic. Apple can prevent our collection from metabolic syndrome. According to a recent study, eating 10-gram apple per day can reduce 3.7 percent visceral fat over five years.


  1. Focus on fiber

To stay fit, one should eat fiber every day. Most of the carb sources turn into sugar, where thread stays intact. It passes down to our digestive system. According to studies, fibre helps to lose weight. People eating more fibre gained the least weight. If you want to reduce belly fat, fibre is the perfect food for you. Fibre reduces belly fat by more than 3.7 per cent. Eating 28 grams of fibre a day will keep your belly full. This amount of tissue is present in about three servings of fruits and vegetables.


  1. Plan a weekly cheat meal

The cheat meal is cheating on your diet plan. Experts have agreed that these cheat meals may include a healthy eating plan to lose weight. A recent study has published an article in the International Journal of Obesity that taking two weeks to break from their diet and has lost more weight than constant dieters. If you strategically can cut fat from a diet chart, then you can plan your cheat meal correctly. By this, you will know what extra calories you can add and what calories you can cut earlier in the day. From this, you will also be able to pick your favorite food. Here, you don’t have to eat that food that you don’t like.


  1. Have a high-protein breakfast

If you are trying to lose weight, then you should never skip breakfast. A study conducted in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition with more than 300 overweight participants. They all have skipped their breakfast. After 16 weeks, the result was the same for both breakfast-skippers and breakfast takers. Breakfast is an ideal way to have protein, fibre, and other nutrients for your day. Eating high protein breakfast will full your belly, and this will help you eat less later. You can start your day with lean protein. It will burn your calories twice during digestion as fat or carbs. But for this, you should take your breakfast before 9 a.m.


  1. Drink Oolong Tea

In Asian countries, tea is a part of the culture. Most of the people meet and greet each other over tea invitations. Oolong tea mostly consumed in China and Taiwan. This tea is half fermented, where black tea is fully fermented. China’s traditional tea helps our cholesterol level balanced. It also helps in our digestion. Tea also increases our metabolism. Oolong tea is full of antioxidants. Oolong tea filled with catechins like green tea. It boosts our effort for weight loss. It improves the ability of our body to metabolize fat. According to the study, drinking oolong tea every day will reduce six pounds over six weeks.


Conclusion: We eat various types of food. Not all of them are good for health. Metabolism is a very crucial part of our body’s mechanism. It helps us to lead a healthy life. If you eat these 50 foods regularly, your metabolism will increase. So, you should keep these items on your regular diet to keep yourself healthy.


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