Natural Relief from Arthritis Pain


Natural Relief from Arthritis Pain


Arthritis pain is one of the most deadly pain faced worldwide. Through proper medication and consultation, it is possible to get rid of this pain. People suggest a lot of things to do during arthritis pain. But it is important to know about what really works out and what does not. Again you need to know what is the most efficient way to reduce arthritis pain. Here are 8 tips we shared today to reduce your arthritis pain without any kind of allopathic medicine. 


  1. Change your routine 

The first thing to do is changing your habits. If you are an arthritis patient, you need to get up early in the morning and do some exercise. Gentle stretches help your joints to be active and to gain more mobility. 


  1. Loose weight

Losing weight can be the most helpful solution for arthritis pain. The more weight you have, the more pressures your bone joints face. So losing weight can help you to relieve arthritis pain by reducing the pressure from your bone joints. 

Your knees, hips, and feet the stress of your body mass. So when your body is lite, you get more mobility and decrease pain. 


  1. Get more exercise

Exercise is not only for losing weight. Regular movement helps your bone joints to maintain mobility and helps to prevent future damage. But not all the exercises are good for arthritis pain. Weight-bearing exercise can damage the bone joints instead of helping them to work properly. Running and walking can be damaging and will not be helpful for reducing arthritis pain. Running, weightlifting, walking, these will put stress on your joints. So avoiding this type of exercise is a suggestion from doctors. The exercises which will not put pressure on bone like swimming or aerobics can be helpful to relax bone joints and will also help to flex joints. 


  1. Try Heat therapy 

Trying out heat therapy can work with arthritis pain. Temperature can increase blood circulation to a particular area and thus can help to reduce arthritis pain. Heat therapy relaxes muscles and makes them more flexible and thus increases mobility. So one can easily move their bones and joints without stress and without experiencing any pain.

An ancient Chinese therapy called ‘Acupuncture’ also has the ability to reduce arthritis pain. Acupuncture works through inserting thin needles in specific points on the body. Acupuncture is one of the most researched therapy in the world and especially and the World Health Organisation ( WHO ) approved therapy. 


  1. Try cold therapy 

Cryotherapy or cold therapy can also be helpful for arthritis pain. Cryotherapy works through reducing blood flow in a particular area and significantly lessens redness which causes pain. Cryotherapy lowers nerve activity which makes you feel no pain. There are many ways for cryotherapy. One can use ice packs or coolant sprays or frozen gels in a specific area. An ice massage or ice bath can also be helpful for arthritis pain. 

For home treatment, firstly take a pack of ice and cover it with a towel or a piece of cloth. You must not rub ice directly in the skin because it causes damage to the tissue and skin cells. Rub the ice, covered with a towel or a piece of cloth on the area where you are facing pain. 


  1. Meditation

Meditation can be a solution to relieve arthritis pain. Meditation and relaxation can help you to get rid of arthritis pain. Many research tells us that mindfulness and meditation can reduce any kind of pain. Researches also got that arthritis and depression are mostly benefitted from meditation.  From the arthritis foundation, we can know that there are some types of meditation that can be helpful for reducing arthritis pain. 

(i) Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 

(ii) Active Meditation 

(iii) Yoga Breathing 

(iv) Guided Imagery 


  1. Get a message 

Arthritis Foundation says that regular massage can reduce arthritis pain. Proper massage in those arthritic points can help you to get rid of arthritis pain temporarily. Massage helps your muscles and joints to relax and lessens nerve activity. And that is why you can not feel the pain any longer. But yes, this trick is for an escape from pain. Do not consider massage as a permanent medication if you do not take massage regularly. 

You can also learn self-massage if you get therapists so much costly. You can watch tutorials online or get in a course from a local therapist. But be sure that your massage therapist is well known or trained and obviously has worked with arthritis.  


  1. Add turmeric in your meal

A chemical called ‘Curcumin’ helps to reduce arthritis pain in the human body. This chemical – curcumin is found in turmeric root. Research says that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric in your regular meal can really help you out to get rid of arthritis pain.  


  1. Vitamin D

The doctor suggests every arthritis patient Vitamin D. even if you’re at high risk of arthritis, the doctor will suggest you increase vitamin D intake. Vitamin D deficiency can cause osteoporosis as well as arthritis. 

  1. Quit Smoking 

Smoking increases stress on your body’s connective tissues which can increase arthritis pain. So quitting smoking can help you to reduce your arthritis pain.


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