How to run a marathon for beginner


Taking part in a marathon is an extremely enjoyable practice. Maybe this can be your hobby or you are taking part in a marathon to keep you busy or to find a way to stay fit. No matter what you are going to enjoy this a lot. During a marathon, the race will test you physically, mentally and even emotionally. Everyone has the first time and thousands of them are succeeded at their first attempt and you should follow the ways the followed. Once I used to run in the marathon and I also trained many to run a marathon. Today I will share the steps you should take to run a marathon successfully.


Singing up

The first thing you need to do is to sign up for a marathon. Before signing up you should think about how much time you need to finish your practice, which time of the year you want to run, in which location you want to run. Study these things carefully and then sign up for the marathon. After signing up you can undo the signup and there is also no refund system. This thing may motivate you to start your training. After signing up you need to start your training.


As marathon is a running competition so perfect size shoes are must need essential. This race is very big so you can’t run in your old pairs of shoes. You should go to the nearest running shoe store to buy a perfect fit new pair of shoes and socks. Socks are also very necessary to choose the one that fits perfectly and you feel comfortable in.


Step-2: Make a workout plan

You need to work out and run every week just dreaming about the run will not going to do any good. You should make a workout and running plan at the beginning of the week. This will make sure that you have a schedule for your workout and also you can have a review pf your weekly activities. If you make such a schedule, then you don’t need to worry about the workout to do it at the end of the day. You’ll have a proper time to do it.


Step-3: Think Time, Not Distance

During your practice time never notice the miles you run instead notice the time you run. As the marathon is a run of 26.2 miles so it is a very big run and you can run this much distance at once while you are new. So we need to practice both run and walk. Notice the time you spend days doing this mix workout. Noticing the time means you also need to increase your exercise time daily. It will help you to run such a long distance.


Step-4: Increase run by 10 percent every week

You need to patient for running in a marathon. Don’t try to run so much distance at once. Workout increases it daily by a little amount. It will help you to stay fit and won’t make you sick. If you are tracking time, then you need to increase the time by 15% every week. Let assume you run 30 minutes for the first week then you should make it 34:30 on the next week. Do not try to do more it can cause you harm. You need to fit for the race if you fall sick then you can’t run the race.


Step-5: Give your full effort

You need to listen to your body. Don’t stop until you feel tired. And do not continue after you get tired. You should not give your body stress. Listen to your body and practice until you think it is your hundred percent. Whenever you feel tired take the day off and try to be healthy and fit. Always keep that in mind you have to be in the race with a healthy and fit body.


Step-6: Nutrition Practice

As you are working out so your body will need nitration and protein. Go to your nearest running store and try some protein drinks. It will take some time for you to find the perfect diet for you to need to give a trial and find out the best one for you. You also need to eat high-calorie food, vegetable, and fruits.


Step-7: Race Simulation

Before the race, you need to practice like you are in the race. For that first do the math about how much time it will need for you to complete the race. Then start running you need to run slower the first 6 miles run about 10 seconds slow per mile. For the next 12 miles, you need to run faster about 5 seconds faster per mile. Now compare your nutrition, performance, shoe and every other thing. if there is an error fix it then. Practice more and make it perfect


Following these tips, you can complete the 26.2 miles’ race. After finish, the race takes rest and drink fluid.


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