Goodeye: 20 tips that are good for your eyes


Goodeye : 20 tips that are good for your eyes. The eye is one of the most vital organs in the human body.

We need to keep our healthy and also do all the necessary things required to make sure that our eye is safe.

There are many things that we can do to keep our eyes healthy. 20 ways to keep eyes healthy are mentioned in this article.

  1. Eating a balanced diet: Our eyes need a proper supply of nutrients to function properly. Like any parts of our body, the eye also needs nutrients to work. Vitamins A and C are very good for the eyes and we can include foods that contain those vitamins to keep our eye healthy and safe. Green vegetables, fish, and meat are a very good source of vitamins and they should be included in the diet for the proper health of our goodeye.
  2. Sleep well in the night: We must give the eye the proper rest that it needs so it can function properly. It is proven that proper sleep improves the blood circulation in our body and we need to sleep properly to make sure that our eyes are healthy. Dark circles can appear below the eyes if you do not sleep properly and you can be sensitive to lighting too if you don’t sleep well.  
  3. Avoid Smoking: Smoking is very injurious to health and it can harm our eyes particularly. Cataracts can be caused if we smoke continuously. It has also been observed that people who smoke are more likely to have various kinds of eye defects. If you want to keep your eyes healthy then you would need to stay away from smoking. 
  4. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes: Sunglass can protect your eyes when you are out in the heating sun. The sun produces harmful UV lights which can harm not only our skin but also our eyes. It is wise to wear a pair of sunglasses when it is a very sunny day to protect our eyes.
  5. Avoid Long-term exposure to computer screens: It can be hard in this digital era to stay away from computer screens but it is very necessary to do so. Computer screens can be very damaging to your eyes and when you are using a computer make sure that you are sitting at a safe distance from the computer screen. You would also need to take a break after working for 30 minutes in front of a computer screen. It can be a two minutes break to give rest to your eyes.
  6. Go for regular eye checkups: It is a very good idea to be safe and conscious. You can grow the habit of regularly visiting an eye doctor to make sure that your eyes are healthy and safe. If any disease can be spotted at an early stage it becomes very easy to deal with them rather than finding out late about them.
  7. Update your knowledge about eye problems constantly: You need to look for signs of dangers and also know what the signs of danger are for your eyes. In this era of the internet, it is easy to get information in blogs, Youtube videos and other sources about the new types of eye disease and also the signs and symptoms of eye problems. You would need to do increase your knowledge and be aware of the signs that indicate you are experiencing a problem with your goodeye.
  8. Don’t rub your eyes: We see people rubbing their eyes often and it is not only an annoying habit but also it is quite damaging to the eyes. It can reason pressure for your eyes and much often our arms can incorporate germs that might be transmitted to our eyes causing an eye infection. It is first-class if we could avoid this addiction of rubbing our eyes. It the habit is unavoidable the next first-rate factor that we will do is to make sure that our arms are well sanitized (Goodeye).
  9. Wear protective eyewear if you are doing a risky job: If you are in a profession that requires you to wear protective eyewear then you should not avoid doing so. They can save you from so many infectious airborne micro-organisms. It is important to wear them even when you are playing risky sports. The chances of an eye injury are high when you are playing sports like hockey, cricket, and many others. 
  10. Take breaks to blink your eyes: When you are working continuously on your computer you can develop an eye strain. The same effect can be observed when you are reading a book for long hours. In such cases, blinking can help you release the eye strain. It has been determined through various researches that blinking of eyes can help lessen eye strain. It is something that you can try to get rid of eye strain.
  11. Exercise in the morning: Exercising in the morning is a very good habit and it can particularly be very good for the health of your eyes. It has been discovered that workout can assist to prevent many eye diseases like glaucoma. In the morning fresh air is also available and in the morning fresh air can help circulate oxygen that is needed by the eye to be healthy. Fresh air provides you with a fresh supply of air full of oxygen which is very good for the health of the eyes.
  12. Keep your contacts clean: You must take good care of your contact lens. Your contact lens directly touches your eyes and they can be responsible for transmitting harmful micro-organisms in your eyes. It is very important to properly clean your contact lens before you use them. It is not enough to clean them with tap water. You would need to clean them properly before you start using them.
  13. Learn about your family history: Many eye diseases can be genetic which makes it very important to know about family history. If anyone in your family has a history of diabetes then you have a risk of getting an eye disease. Knowing about your family history and diseases can help you prepare better for any eye problems that you can have in the future. 
  14. Use quality products if you use makeup in your eyes: Make can be very harmful to the eyes as they can damage your eyes very well. You need to use makeups that are superior in quality to keep your eyes safe. It is best if you can avoid doing any sort of makeup in your eyes. But if you must do it, use the quality brands as the chemicals they use are comparatively safer. It is important to clean the makeup properly after coming back to home so you can keep your eyes safe.
  15. Drink plenty of fluids: Another way to take good care of your eyes is to stay hydrated. Your eyes need fluids to function smoothly like your body. You must drink plenty of fluids to keep your eye-safe. If you do not drink the optimum of fluids then the production of tears in your eyes would be affected which would cause many problems later. It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids so your eyes (Goodeye) can be healthy and safe. 
  16. Don’t share your towel with anyone: It is not a good idea to share your towel with anyone. Many germs that are harmful to your eyes can be transmitted to your eyes from the body of others if you let them use your towel. To keep your eyes safe-keep your towel to yourself and don’t share it with anyone.
  17. Don’t eat too much coffee:  Eating excessive coffee can also be very injurious to your eyes. Coffee can keep you awake late at nights and this can cause the health of your eye to deteriorate. You can drink green tea instead of coffee which is rich in vitamins and they also keep your eye very healthy. It is a good replacement for coffee and also a much healthier choice (Goodeye).
  18. Beware of dry air: Avoiding dry air is one of the best things for your eyes. You can use a humidifier in your room if the air in your room is too dry. Your eyes need moisture and dry air can be very harmful to your eyes. Keeping the moisture in your room at an optimum level is necessary to maintain the health of your Goodeye.
  19. Do regular eye exams: Eye exams can be costly but they are necessary to ensure that your eyes are safe. Eye disease can cause significantly more. Even if they are expensive they should be done regularly so you can be sure that the health of your eye is okay.
  20. Treat eye diseases sooner: It is necessary to deal with any eye disease as soon as you know about them. Detecting disease at an early stage helps to treat the disease. When you know that you are suffering from an eye disease it is good to take action immediately instead of waiting (Goodeye).

We must keep good care of our eyes as it completes our life. Vision impairment can make our life miserable and we must do our best to take care of our health.

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