Coronavirus : Safety and Readiness Advice for public


Everything you need to know about Corona Virus (COVID-19 )

Corona Virus has been terrorizing people for more than three months now. It has spread very rapidly originating from China. The coronavirus has spread from Wuhan, China to the whole world very quickly. What makes this virus very dangerous is that it is airborne and can spread easily if people are not careful.


Why the Corona Virus spread so quickly all over the world

The Coronavirus which originated in China during December 2019 spread very quickly after it originated. During December many people come to China because of their festivals and they returned home to their countries after getting infected with the virus. It was hard to detect the virus and when it originated people didn’t know much about this virus. It can spread very easily from one person to another person.


Symptoms of Coronavirus

  • Shortness of breath
  • High Fever
  • Chest pain
  • Diarrhea

While these symptoms don’t guarantee that you are infected with the virus, it is highly advisable to contact get tested for the virus.

If you are experiencing more than one symptoms then it is a good idea to consult the doctor without any further delay.


Risk Factors

  • While the recovery rate from this disease is very high, it can be severe for people who are old or have a weak immune system.
  • If you are suffering from diarrhea then you are at more risk if you get infected with this disease. The disease are more deadly for people who has a weak immune system.
  • If you have any respiratory disease or have trouble breathing then getting infected with this virus can be severe for you.


Common myths that are related to the Coronavirus

Corona Virus is making news every day and in the midst of this terror, many people are spreading rumors about the Coronavirus for their own personal gain. Here is a list of some of the most popular Corona Virus myths that you should not believe in.


It is the world’s most deadly virus: Corona virus is no joke and we know it. People should be aware of it but it is not the most deadly virus that is known to mankind. Diseases like Ebola and Spanish Influenza were far more deadly than Corona Virus.

Garlic can treat Corona Virus: This is a myth that most people are spreading and there is no truth to it.

Hot bath and showers can kill the virus: While it is effective to wash your hands regularly to stay safe from the virus it is not true that hot bath and showers can kill the virus.

The world would run out of toilet paper: This myth was spread as a prank and it caused a lot of confusion among the public.

Cocaine can cure Corona Virus: It is a horrible myth that some people are spreading and people should realize that it is a myth.

There is a vaccine for Corona Virus ready: Unfortunately, this is not true.

Children cannot catch Corona Virus:

Children can catch the virus and because they have a weak immune system they are in a real big threat.


There are many other myths that people are spreading and it is important for us to make sure that we verify the myths before believing in them. Every day new things are discovered about this virus so things that we know about the virus can change soon.



There are many preventive measures that people should follow to keep themselves protected from the Corona Virus.

All of them are announced by WHO on their official website.

Wash your hands frequently: You should frequently wash your hands with any alcohol-based hand run product. You can also wash your hands with soap or water.

Use elbow to cover mouth instead of hands: 

When you are coughing or sneezing use flexed elbow to cover your mouth instead of using your hands. You can also use a tissue and after using a tissue you must discard it immediately in the trash can.

Avoid close contact with people having a fever or cough:   

As this disease is very contagious and spread very easily try to avoid people who have a cough and fever.

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth: 

It is important that you don’t touch your eyes, or nose, or mouth. Hands can get the virus easily and from there if it gets transferred to your eyes, nose or ear it can infect your whole body.

Corona Virus is a severe threat to mankind.  it is important to be aware of all the recent developments and information that are available on this virus. It is also important to not panic and trust only on facts to deal with this virus properly. More than half of the people have recovered and are now living a normal life. It is important for us to not let the fear of the virus take over our minds. In this situation we should behave responsibly.



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