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Best natural Stress and anxiety medication

Stress and Anxiety are a very common phenomenon in our nine to five corporate life, or in racing learning – knowing – examination life. Stress can be loaded, but we need to know how to deal with them. Here are 7 tips to reduce daily anxiety levels and to stay more productive all day. way medication for anxiety and depression natural way

  • Write Down Your Problems

To handle stress and anxiety, at the very first you need to find out the reasons behind your problem. You need to figure out why you are stressed and what are the things you need to do to get rid of it. That this why writing your problems will make you more specific. You just need to take a piece of paper and a pen and get started. 


  • Name Your Problems. First, just point out the things and give them a name. For example, we took ‘BAD GRADES’. Like this, just name your problems in a piece of paper. the right medication for anxiety

  • Now The Reasons. Now, at each point, write the possible reasons behind the problem. For example, In ‘BAD GRADES’ point, I wrote irregularity, social media distractions, class bunk. 
  • Target & Sort Out Each Reason. For each reason, specify the thing you need to do to prevent the problem. For example, in social media distraction, I set a goal for not using mobile for more than two hours a day. I also downloaded an app to track my daily screen time. This is the way you need to sort out or set up a goal for each and every reason behind your problem. anxiety medication


  • Do some Exercise  

 Exercise is one of the most significant ways to relieve stress. Research shows that putting physical stress can relieve mental stress most of the time. Along with physical development, there are so many mental benefits of exercise.   So the people who exercise regularly face less stress and anxiety medication in life than those who do not do exercise. 

Here are some points. Check out what happens through your body you do some physical struggle or physical exercise. 


  • Reduce the Level of Stress Hormones : 

We know that there are more than two hundred hormones in our body. They all work on specific things in our bodies. There are some hormones that work on stress and anxiety-like epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine, cortisol. Exercise can highly reduce the level of stress hormones in your body. The reduction of endorphins can make your mood better and act as painkillers. 


  • Exercise Improves your sleep, and good sleep reduces stress. How? Exercise makes you tired and so you can sleep peacefully. Deep and peaceful sleep affect negatively in your stress and anxiety. When you have a peaceful sleep, you feel much motivated to work and actually feel like you can conquer the world. When we sleep for a good amount of time, the production of stress hormones gets reduced. On the other hand, lack of sleep can be a reason for anxiety problems. 
  • Exercise makes you more confident. When you do exercise regularly for a couple of days, when you are physically more fit than before, you become more confident. And confidence makes you mentally strong and helps you to reduce anxiety medication and stress. 


  • Take caffeine in a limited amount

Much research shows that caffeine increases anxiety. But a limited amount of caffeine daily can really help you to face anxiety. 

 Caffeine is found in Coffee, Tea, Chocolate and many other drinks. So it can be a solution to anxiety problems. But, some research says that in lieu of reducing, caffeine can increase the level of stress in some cases. It is especially for those who suffer from a general anxiety disorder. 

  • Learn to say ‘NO’

There are a lot of stresses and problems which we could avoid in our life. But we did not because we hardly say ‘NO’ to others. That is why we get a lot of works, responsibilities mean – a lot of stress. It is especially true if you find yourself doing works more than you can consume. 

Being selective about what to do and what not to do can really help you out. Saying ‘NO’ to those who are not gonna make any figure in your life can make you more productive and help you to manage stress. Some times we really need time for our selves. When we say NO to unnecessary works and loads we simply save a lot of time and can spend on ourselves. 

Just start saying NO. It is difficult to say sometimes but when you will get the benefits, you will start saying more NO to many unnecessary works. 


  1. Learn to Avoid Procrastination  

Another way to stop getting stressed is to stop procrastination. Procrastination means delaying works or in any action. It is like continuously postponing works for the next time. By procrastinating we make a load of works and when the deadline comes up, we feel so stressed. To reduce this kind of stress, try to avoid procrastination. Make daily jobs finished. Be determined about your daily goal. You can make a to-do list and when you finish a task, mark it out. By marking or putting a tic on finished tasks will give you the motivation to complete the next one. And thus, you get your jobs done daily. 

To keep track of your work and to avoid procrastination, you can use some mobile applications. Nowadays mobile application in productivity niche is increasing day by day. Some applications will help you to keep note and some are so awesome that they will send you notification from time to time so that you never forget your task. 

When you will complete your daily works and maintain a daily routine, you will find yourself more relaxed. 

  • Spend time with friends and family

Social support from friends and family can really help you to reduce stress. When you spend time with your friends and with your family,  you find the joy of life. You feel relaxed and comfortable. This is a break from your nine to five routine which makes you more productive the next day. 

Spending time can really work so cool to deal with your anxiety. When you share your problems with your close ones, you feel relieved. And this is the way to reduce anxiety. 


  • Take YOGA Class

Yoga is a famous method for stress relief and exercise. The style of yoga differs from person to person. But the main target of yoga is to join your body and mind. Yoga makes your body relaxed and helps you to think clearly. Yoga in the morning will help you to stay productive all day and get your works done. Yoga freshes mind and thus yoga helps to deal with stress and anxiety medication.



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