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Paragraph on : Female Education

Female education

Education is the backbone of a nation and the females constitute half of the total population of almost every nation.So naturally female education is a part of nation's backbone. When a gill becomes educated ,she can contribute to her family in her early age.She can help her brothers and sister's in their studies.She may help her parents if they are uneducated. We all know that Meena has helped and is always helping her quite a lot with her little knowledge in the cartoon 'Meena'. Usually an educated person can realize the social commitments and this is same for a women too. So,she can take right decision in social affairs. Female education is quite familiar and highly appreciated in developed counties. But in undeveloped countries like ours, many of our parents think that, to educate a girl is just wasting of money.But it is totally a wrong idea.We see that nowadays educated women are contributing to every single place of any work.Education is a must in life of a mother.Only well educated mother can bring her children up quite successfully. Napoleon said, 'Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation.' From only this speech,it is a quite clear that there is no option to the female education. To be a perfect men or women, one must be well educated and realize the values of education. Education brings us to light from dark.So,female education has a great necessity in every nation of the world.

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