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Paragraph on : Danger of smoking

Dangers of smoking

Smoking is a bad habit without any doubt.There are many harmful effects of this bad habit.The most dangerous effect is that it causes serious health hazard.A smoker increase the risk of being attacked with heart attack, stroke and cancer.S/He usually suffers from various kinds of respiratory diseases like bronchitis,asthma and coughing.
A smoker can't relish a contemporary breath.A bad smell comes out of his mouth that causes serious irritation to the non smokers.

It is an underestimation that despite knowing the unhealthy effects of smoking, individuals smoke.
A preventative catchword 'Smoking is harmful for health' is written on the coffin nail packet.But smokers ar unaware of it.In fact smoking may be a serious addiction.

It becomes terribly tough to convey up this habit if somebody is keen about it.
So, it's higher to not get habituated in it.
Recently Government has taken some steps to discourage smoking and protect the non-smoker's from being affected by the smokers.
A law has been passed to ban smoking publically places.It is true that this effort is not sufficient to prevent people from smoking.
It is necessary to lift a social campaign against smoking and create individuals tuned in to the danger of smoking.

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