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Short Composition on : My favorite hobby

My Favourite Hobby

Hobby means an interesting occupatio pursed for recreation. It is a sort pastime that one pursues in which he or she takes a great delight. It is necessary for mental rest and recreation.

As different people have different kinds of tastes. So they have different habbies. There are varieties of hobbies like gardening, bee keeping, kite flying, painting, singing, walking stamp collection and what not. My garden is a source of joy to me. My joys knows no bounds at the sight of the plants in full blossoms .Some times my friend come to my garden and praise it.It not only give pleasure to me but also adds income to my family.Gardening is my favorite hobby.My garden is in front of my reading room.

Generally I work in my garden at morning and evening. Sometimes I prepare the soil with spade and other times sprinkle water to kept the soil moist. I feel pleasure when I make the soil loose and weed out the Grass. At times I do the pruning and trimming the twigs very nicely.

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