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Paragraph on : A rainy day

A rainy day

A rainy day is a day when it rains heavily.sometimes it drizzles.In a rainy day ,the sky is overcast with cloud and the sun can not be seen.The day is dull and gloomy.It is dark all round.Due to continuous rainfall, the normal life of the people is disrupted mThe roads become slippery and muddy.People can not go out without umbrella. Some people go to offices through the water flowing across the roads.The children go to schools in a rainy day and they are drenched. Sometimes they catch cold and are attacked with fever .The office-goets go to the offices with umbrellas over their heads and the shoes in hand and with their trousers folded up to knee.Sometimes the poor people can not go to their working places in a rainy day and they can't earn their bread. In a rainy day ,the day labourers and rickshaw pullers can't go out. So they have to suffer a lot.In rural areas,the farmers can not go to field for cultivation.The growth of crops are spoiled if there is torrential rain.A rainy day usually causes inconvenience to most of the people.

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