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Paragraph on : Physical Exercise

Physical exercise

Physical exercise means that the movement of assorted limbs of figure in line with rules.It is terribly essential to stay our body and mind sound .It helps America to be healthy.
There are many kinds of physical exercise. Walking, racing, swimming, riding, gymnastics, etc are god forms of physical exercise.Modern games like football, cricket, hockey, tenis etc are also good forms of physical exercise. Besides, our native games such as Ha-du-du,Dariabandha,Gollachhut,etc are also good forms of physical exercise for us.But all forms of physical exercise are not suitable for everyone. Walking is suitable for people of all ages.Young people can take vigorous exercise while old people should take light exercise.
However, we have a tendency to additionally ought to bear in mind that over exercise may be harmful.
So,for our sound health exercise may be a should.

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