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Paragraph on : Our School library

Our school library

The word library is taken from the Latin which means a book. So we can say that a library is nothing but a collection of books. A school library means a house in the school where books are kept for the students as well as teachers. Our school has a library which is very spacious . It is furnished with all modern facilities . Here almairahs are arranged in rows and tables are placed in the middle. Books are arranged in Dewey decimal system. Books including text book , reference books ,and library works are available here .Our school library also provides facilities including news paper , reading organising debate, etc.students can prepare there lessons as well as can takes note in library .Ever they are allowed to borrow books from the library by showing there library card. In our library there are computers with internet facilities so that students can update themselves with the rest of the world. A school library is a must for spreading knowledge.

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