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Paragraph on : An ideal student

An ideal student

The word 'student' denotes a person who is fond of studies. But studies do not mean just booklish knowledge but a real knowledge of men ,society, nature, etc.So,the very meaning of being an ideal student is one who has keen interest in developing an allround personality. He has a thirst of knowledge. He ha sa curiosity to learn new things about man and nature.He has a regular routine for doing everything. He gets up early in the morning,takes regular exercise and goes to his school in time.He devotes his time to study whole heartedly and is in the good book
of his academics whom he respects sincerely as he respects his oldsters.
He helps the week students in their studies. He may have healthy competition with other students but he is never jealous o them.He has a balanced mind and personality. An idle student is truthful ,honest and frank.He has no evil habits like drinking, smoking, gambling, cheating etc.He is a great patriot and is ready to die for his country .In short it can be said that an ideal student is one who is excellent in studies, good in co- curricular activities, respectful to his elders and is followed by other students as model of perfection.

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