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Paragraph on : Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect

Green hosue effect is a threat for the existing human beings,animals,plant and above all,all the phenomena of the world.It is associated with the global warming.The temperature of the world is increasing gradually.Carbon dioxide is the main culprit which is being deposited gradually in the atmosphere.It is generally produced when the fossil fuel is burnt.Carbon dioxide entraps the heat in the atmosphere.As a result, the temperature of the world is o the increase.CFC contributes devastatingly to the greenhouse effect.The refrigerator which id used in our daily life is also producing CFC.CFC is also used in manufacturing goods,packaging commercial products,in aerosol etc.This CFC is responsible to a great extent for green house effect.The adverse effect of the greenhouse is very disastrous.It is feared that by the mid century the world temperature will increase 4 degree Celsius.The polar ice caps have started to melt.Sea level is rising.Consequently the lower regions of the world will go under water,and the southern region of Bangladesh will also go under water.This catastrophic disaster must be checked.It is to be done to save our existence.

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