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Paragraph on : Eve Teasing

Eve teasing

Eve teasing has become a very familiar term now-a-days in Bangladesh. Eve,the first women ,represents women folk and teasing means irritating. So Eve teasing means irritating women to arouse sexual desire in someone. Those who tease women are called stalkers. Eve teasing has been termed as sexual harassment. So different forms of stalking and sexual harassment are widely known as eve teasing.Women specially young girl often fall victim to the stalkers. Stalkers lie in wait here and their and whenever they see girls they try to draw their attraction by gusteres and slang words.Basically boy tease girls because these boys are not properly socialized and they are not taught manner and etiquette in their families. When parents lose control the boys become stalkers and they become reckless. The stalkers are actually deprived of love and affection of their patents.The most important institution for social behavior is the family which can help instil in the mind of boys a positive attitude towards women.They should be taught to respect girl as human beings. Teasing sometimes becomes so intolerable that the girls compelled to commit suicide at an early age. As a result Eve teasing has become a great threat to the society .To prevent this criminal activity the stalkers should be given exemplary punishment. Their guardians should also come forward to control these prevented youths.


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