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Paragraph on : A Cyclone

A cyclone

When a storm revolver violently rounds a middle, it's termed a cyclone. It moves at a high speed starting from forty to at least one hundred or a lot of kilometres per hour. A cyclone could occur any time and at anywhere. The violent rounded. The violent forms of cyclone sometimes hit the tropics. The cyclone of Bangladesh usually originates from the bay –of- geographic region, and blows towards that land. It is typically among thunders and serious showers. Before a cyclone commences intolerable heat is felt for some days. Then suddenly at some point the sky becomes really dark with clouds and robust winds begin to blow with flashes of lightning and also the rumbling of thunders. Thus a terrible state of affairs is formed that lasts for some hours. It causes a great havoc. A lot of people another animals die. Dwelling houses are blown away. The tidal bore and the heavy showers wash away the stores of food stuff and leave the marks of terrible damage. The cyclone is typically followed by deficiency of food and eruption of varied diseases like infectious disease, dysentery, diarrhoea, fever and etc. which spread all over the affected areas. However, the good loss caused by cyclones is reduced to a considerable extent. Using trendy technologies of weather outlook, previous warning is given to the folks that area unit doubtless to be plagued by the cyclone. A quick relief, medical treatment and essential medicines ought to be created accessible to the affected folks simply when a terrible cyclone. 

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