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Paragraph on : Aim In Life | Goal of your life

Aim in life

A man without an aim is like a ship without a rudder.similarly a man without an aim can not reach his goal.Different persons have different aims.some want to be doctors,some wants to be engineers and others want to be teachers and so on.But my aim in life to be a doctor.
My oldsters and academics have given their consent to my selection.There square measure several reasons for selecting the profession of a doctor.
The village people in our country are very poor.They suffer from various diseases but their is no qualified doctor to serve them.I am now appearing at the H.S.C examination. After passing the H.S.C with a brilliant result.l shell get myself admitted into a Medical College. After obtaining the MBBS degree.I shall go back to my native village and set myself to serve my village people through practice. I have also a plan to set up a hospital with a few beds for serious causes.I shall stop the practice of the quack.Success in life depends much on the proper choice of a profession.I believe that i shall be able to reach my goal and serve the nation.


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