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Paragraph on : A Farmer

A Farmer

A person who works hard in the farm lands for growing various agricultural products is called a farmer .Usually he lives in a village .He is a very important and useful person in the country. He grows and provides food for the people of our country. He is called the father of food production. But they are heavily davaluated. He gets up early in the morning and takes a pair off Bullocks, and plough, to cultivate his land.He works all day long in his land .In Bangladesh ,farmers lead a very miserable life.If he can produce good crops ,his bounds. Most farmers of our country live under poverty label. They live from hand to mouth.Bangladesh is specially an agricultural country. Her prosperity depends on the development of agriculture. That is why I can't think of her without a farmer.Therefore, the fermars prevalent condition ought to be upgrade to help his life reach a standard level....

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