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Paragraph on : A Street Hawker

A Street Hawker

A man who sells various things by moving frin street to street is a street hawker.He is a self-employed person.He usually lives in a slum or in a house at a very low rent.He is a familiar figure.He is seen almost everywhere in a village or in a town.He carries his materials on hand or sometimes in hand and sometimes in a small handcart.He earns his livelihood by selling cheap goods He is a very cunning person.He buys goods at a cheaper rate and sales at a good profit.He sells toys,cosmetics,ready-made garments,utensils,sweets,ribbons, fruits etc.He usually apprears at noon or in the absence of the house master.He speak in duff ways,wears colourful dress and sometimes play flute or raises high voice to sell his goods.Thud he passes his days by seeling these goods.He gets up early in the morning and sorts his products for selling.He leads a very simple life.He has ti toil a lot to earn his livelihood. He somehow manage his family. Even though he works hard and adopts various tricks he leads a life below poverty line.

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