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Paragraph on : Winter Morning

Winter is the coldest season of the year.A morning in winter is misty & cold.There is dense fog everywhere.Things even at a little distance can hardly be seen.Everything looks hazy.This causes disruption to the communication system.Dew drops fall at night.Sometimes cold waves blow.It causes much sufferings to the children and old people.They suffer from cold and other diseases.Village people gather straw and dry leaves to create hearth to heat themselves.The recent and youngsters indulge in the sun.Usually folks rise late.In a winter morning folks in Asian country fancy totally different sorts of 'Pithas'.Delicious sweetmeats are also prepared with date juice But a winter morning is a curse for the poor people.They suffer much for want of warm clothes.They are seen shivering in cold.Sometimes the news of death from bitter cold is seen in the newspaper.But the rich enjoy a winter morning to a great extent.They have a variety of warm clothes.Besides, they enjoy delicious foods in a winter morning.However, the scene of a winter morning disappears as the day advances.A winter morning is pleasant for someones and unpleasant for the other.


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