20 effective ways to discarding low blood pressure


High blood pressure is also known as a silent disease. In the case of this disease, now symptoms found for years, even for decades. Here are your 20 effective ways to low blood pressure.

About 19% of Americans suffer in high blood pressure but they don’t know that. High blood pressure without symptoms is also known as hypertension.

It can damage your blood vessels and can increase the risk of stroke, kidney and heart disease greatly. This happens because the arteries take very much force.

Arteries become thicker and harden over time when blood goes through them with high pressure. It may put some additional strain on your heart.

As a result, the risk of blood blocking clots increases highly. 

There are some other reasons like smoking, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle also responsible for high blood sugar. It is a matter of concern that doctors cannot know for sure how it is caused in most of the cases.

But, it is clearly shown in researches that high blood pressure can be controlled by changing some basic lifestyle. Here in this article, we are going to describe 20 effective ways to lower your blood pressure. The experts give these ideas.  

1. Check Your Pressure At Home

As blood pressure is a silent disease, you should know about it. People who have high blood pressure should measure it at home.

The American Heart Association, also known as AHA, encourages people to do it. Though it fluctuates all the time, if you measure it at your home, you will get a normal reading.

Almost 20% diagnosed affected by high blood pressure people who contain white-coat hypertension. It is a temporary spike that remains in blood pressure and they brought it by stress.

The stress caused by going to the doctor. People who take blood pressure at their home has the condition under control. If you want to get the most accurate reading of blood pressure, just sit on a chair and keep the feet flat on the floor.

Then support the arm to the heart level and wrap the cuff on your upper arm around. After that, follow the instructions given with the machine.

Thus, you can easily monitor your blood pressure at home and keep it under control.

 2. Lose Weight If You Need To

Now a day a large number of people suffering from overweight. They eat too much junk food, which is unhealthy. It is also a reason for high blood pressure. An overweight person has 2 to 6 times more possibility of high blood pressure.

If you gain more weight, the amount of blood circulation increases more through the arteries. As a result, the pressure of blood gets increased.

And both the heart and the circulatory system falls under that increased strain for moving the blood all over the larger body. If you want to control your blood pressure, you have to lose your overweight.

But, it does not mean to lose a lot of weight. Research says that a little, 5% to 10% weight loss is enough to keep the blood pressure in control and healthier range. 

3. Get Some Exercise Every Day

Exercise is a great way to keep the body fit. If you exercise regularly, you will lead a healthy life. In exercise, you have to move your body parts properly.

As a result, blood can move easily through the arteries all over the body. And, if you do it regularly, you can easily lower the chance of high blood pressure 5 to 10%. Regular physical exercise is effective to reduce pressure.

Regular exercise makes the heart stronger and more efficient. It can also lower pressure on arteries. Everyone should walk at least 30min each day to maintain their health.

The count is enough to prevent developing high pressure. As per the research, you will be benefited by exercise if you do this 5 hours a week. Some excellent exercise is cycling, jogging, weight lifting.

Besides these, you can also do some vigorous activities like brisk walking, yard work, etc. Doing further exercises reduce blood pressure and keeps the heart-healthy.

Regular physical activity will reduce your pressure to more secure levels. At least two days a week, try to include strength-training exercises. 

4. Give Up Cigarettes

Smoking is very much injurious for health. It can lead you to various types of diseases. Even smoking can cause lung cancer. Another disease it can create that is high blood pressure.

Whenever you smoke, the blood pressure shoots upward. It stays high for one hour or for more time. If the number of cigarettes is 10 per day, you are putting the blood pressure in a danger zone constantly.

Quit smoking for the welfare of health. Smoking causes immediate yet temporary blood pressure to increase. It also raises the heart rate.

Tobacco damages blood vessel walls and increases blood pressure. It causes inflammation. The damaged arteries are responsible for high blood pressure. Smoking and high blood pressure increase the risk of heart disease.

Inhalation of smoke creates a temporary increase in blood pressure. Smoking is known as the hardest habit to break. Some people succeeded to give up it by cold turkey.

You can follow this. Without this, you can attend stop-smoking campaigns or workshops. You have more options like using nicotine patches or other similar medications to keep yourself out of tobacco’s grip.

5. Learn About DASH

You should learn about DASH to keep blood pressure under control. It is the most effective way of keeping blood pressure in a healthier range.

In this diet, you have to take 8-10 fruits or vegetables, 7-8 whole grain, 2-3 low-fat diaries, and 2 or less meat on daily servings.

If you follow this diet, you will be able to keep the systolic pressure more than 11 points lower and the diastolic pressure more than 5 as per the blood pressure measurement.

You will get about the same progress that other people get from taking medication. The diet is much helpful for keeping pressure in the normal range without taking any medicine. 

6. Shake The Salt Habit

There are many controversies about the role of sodium’s contribution to high blood pressure. Sodium sensitive people contain blood pressure spikes by getting a lot of salt in diets.

Sodium attracts the water. As a result, the blood volume increases dramatically too much. It turns the pressure of blood high. Therefore, if you eat less salt, it would be many beneficiaries for you.

AHA has suggested everyone limit his or her salt consumption. As per AHA’s suggestion, not everybody should take more than 1,500 milligrams of low-sodium or sodium-free processed foods. You should avoid pickles, sauerkraut or other similar foods, which contains salt. 

7. Add Salt At The Table, Not In The Kitchen

While you are cooking food, they absorb a lot of salt. It reduces the intensity of flavor in food. For this reason, you need to sprinkle on salt.

If you sprinkle on the salt, you get the desired taste you want. Salt is also responsible to increase the blood pressure.

So, you should do something that can reduce the rate of increasing blood pressure. That’s why; you should add salt to your dining table. In this way, you will get the most flavors using the smallest sprinkle.

8. Read Food Labels

Sodium remains hidden in some unexpected places. It may found in some healthful food items too. Breakfast cereals are known as whole grain and healthful.

Sodium is also found there 100 milligrams or more per serving. A bag of chips, which is ounce in weight, may contain 1300 milligrams sodium. The amount is 87% or more of the AHA’s recommended daily limit.

That’s why; you should check the labels of food. Thus, you can maintain the healthful limit of sodium. If you can maintain the limit, you will remain safe from high blood sugar. 

9. Eat more Potassium: 

Potassium is an essential mineral for the body. It helps with removing sodium from the system. It also can relieve pressure on your blood vessels. But, taking in too much potassium is bad for kidneys.

So, it is necessary to keep balance with sodium. To achieve a better potassium-sodium balance in your diet, eat fresh foods. Most of the green vegetables or fruit and fishes are very good to maintain balance. Consult with a doctor before increasing potassium intake. 

Potassium is the opposite end of sodium. If the potassium level increases, the level of sodium gets declined and leads to a reduction in pressure.

Research has shown that most Americans get half of the amount of potassium than the recommended level. Usually, they take 4700 mg potassium per day. You can get a good amount of potassium from fruits, beans, vegetables, and some other seeds.

These are a good source of potassium. A medium-sized baked potato can provide you about 1000 milligrams of potassium and a medium-sized banana can provide 425 milligrams.

You won’t have to take diuretics or medications for controlling high blood pressure if you take a little more potassium. 

10. Get Your Daily Dairy

A study has shown that the systolic blood pressure of those people, who ate low-fat dairy in three or more servings per day was about 3 times lower than those people who ate fewer than half a serving per day.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute did the study. The research also suggests eating dairy for preventing high pressure. Researchers from Harvard found that middle-aged women who used to eat low-fat dairy at 2 to 9.6 servings in a day, they were 11% less in having high blood pressure.

So, if you want to avoid high blood pressure, you should get your daily dairy properly. 

11. Drinking water: 

Drinking water can support your body discharge more urine and it can also help you to release blood glucose.

In case, your pressures are too high then water will support dispel the overplus sugar and ketones apart of your methods. Eventually, Water is a vital element for the kidneys and various bodily functions.

Though, you shouldn’t drink over rates of water if you have any kind of disease connect with heart and kidney problems. Drinking water in-contrast to a soda can help with weight reduction and it can control your blood pressure.

12. Put Fish on The Menu: 

Fish keeps a great impact on our life. Fish can fill up to a bill of flesh, which is a very important element for our life.

not only that, but fish also contains 3-fatty acid and those can be reduced blood pressure, risk of blood clots in the arteries and also lower the death rates of humans.

Entire fish comprises omega- 3s. Best production of omega-3s is fatty fish, such as mackerel, salmon, tuna and canned sardines. If you don’t want to eat fishes or don’t like fishes then, try flaxseed.

That has a comfortable, nutty taste and it’s filled with omega-3s together with a cholesterol-lowering filament. In a full glass of water, you can add a tablespoon else two of flaxseed food.

So, we can say that put fish on our menu is one of the ways to lower our blood pressure.

13. Try meditation or yoga

Yoga is the most commonly used method of controlling the breath, mediation techniques and posture.

It is very much helpful to reduce stress. Besides, it is also effective to keep the pressure under control.

In research of 2013, there found 3.62 mm Hg of diastolic and 4.17 mm Hg of systolic decreased blood pressure in those people who did yoga exercise than other people who didn’t. Mediation is another way to keep blood pressure at a healthier limit.

Mindfulness and transcendental meditation have been using for a long time in this purpose. A study of 2012 shows that more than 19000 people took part in a meditation and mindfulness program of a university program in Massachusetts state.

They participated there to reduce their stress. It is clear that, if you can reduce stress, your blood pressure will remain at a healthier limit. So, try meditation or yoga to lower your blood pressure.

14. Cut back on sugar and refined carbohydrates

Restricting sugar and refined carbohydrates can reduce high blood pressure. If you take a low-carb diet and low-fat-diet, your blood pressure will remain in control. These diets can lose weight.

However, diet drugs included in low-fat-diet, but the low-carb-diet is much effective to lower blood pressure.

It is also shown in a study in the year 2010. Diastolic pressure can be reduced to 4.5 mm Hg and systolic to 5.9 mm Hg by the low-carb diet.

On the other hand, the diastolic pressure reduces to 0.4 mm Hg and the systolic to 1.5 mm HG by taking a low-fat diet including diet drugs.

So, try to restrict sugar and take refined carbohydrates to keep your blood pressure in control.

15. Drink less alcohol: 

Though alcohol is popular among Americans, it can increase blood pressure. Low consumption of alcohol can control blood pressure. But, drinking too much alcohol is bad for the heart.

If you drink too much alcohol, it will increase your pressure definitely. The effectiveness of medications can get reduced for it. Alcohol is the cause of most blood pressure cases around the world.

It is for the best to limit the drinking to max once per day. Drinking more than that can be injurious to heart and pressure. Drinking in moderation is necessary to maintain standard pressure. 

16. Eat some dark chocolate

Chocolate contains some elements that increase body weight. And, over body weight is responsible for increasing pressure. But, dark chocolate is much helpful to lower your blood pressure.

It contains 60-70 percent cacao. If you eat one or two squares of dark chocolate in a day, it will decrease the risk of high pressure. As a result, the risk of heart disease will also decrease. Chocolate contains flavonoids.

It helps to delicate or widens the vessels. Hypertension affected people who eat dark chocolate contains lower pressure than other peoples who doesn’t or eats less dark chocolates. 

17. Make sure to get good, restful sleep

Taking rest is part of our life. Sleep is a great part of resting. Blood pressure gets down when you are sleeping. People who don’t sleep well easily get caught by high pressure.

Sleep deprivation is a very dangerous experience. Usually, middle-aged people suffer from it largely and they contain a risk of high pressure. If you find, you will get a lot of ways to enjoy a restful sleep.

Maintain a regular schedule of sleep, pass a relaxing time at night. You can do some exercise in the daytime. And, make sure that your bedroom is comfortable enough.

If you follow these, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing sleep at night and your pressure will remain in a healthier range.

18. Eat garlic or take garlic extract supplements

Garlic and garlic extracts used in a wide range to keep the pressure under control. A clinical study says that garlic extract preparation may keep a great effect on your blood pressure rather than the garlic powder tablets.

In the year 2012, there noted a study on 87 people who were suffering from high pressure. Among them, who consumed garlic, their diastolic reduction was 6 mm Hg and the systolic was 12 mm Hg than other people who didn’t take any treatment.

It is clear that, eating garlic or taking garlic-extract supplements effects much on keeping the pressure lower. So, you should consume these if you want to lower your pressure.

19. Reduce stress: 

Stress is a key cause of high b pressure. Chronic stress can cause hypertension. So, reducing stress can also reduce the risk of high b pressure. You will find too many ways to ease your stress.

So, you should find out which method is best for you. Listening to music is a great method. Also, deep breathing or walking a bit can help.

When people experience stress, they react negatively. It affects heart function and increases b pressure. Finding ways to deal with stress is necessary to control b pressure.

20. Cut back on caffeine: 

Caffeine raises blood pressure temporarily. But drinking coffee regularly can leave a long-lasting effect. There are some people who are very much fond of caffeine.

In that case, it is necessary to reduce coffee consumption. Drinking it sometimes is beneficial to health.

The risk of heart disease gets reduced by it. However, overdoing it may cause high blood pressure issues.

If you already have high BP, you should think before drinking caffeinated coffee. Consult with a doctor if you suspect drinking coffee is causing your BP to spike.

Conclusion: High blood pressure is not only a silent disease; it can lead you to other deadly diseases. The pressure increases when the blood is forced to rush through the arteries.

High pressure can cause obesity, hypertension, even heart diseases. Many people suffer from this problem. They go for medication. Sometimes medication also fails or creates other problems.

But, if you can bring some changes in your daily life, it will be much easier to keep the pressure under control at a healthier limit. Here, we have described 20 effective ways to lower your pressure.

If you follow these instructions, you can easily maintain a healthier level of pressure. And, you will get a healthy life. Best wishes to you.  

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