14 Basic Diet and Fitness Tips for You to Stay Healthy


Basic Diet and Fitness Tips for You to Stay Healthy. Everybody wants to lead a healthy lifestyle but not everyone can do so. This is because the path to healthiness can often be a boring and tedious task to continue for a lifetime. 

But if one can discipline himself to follow some basic rules and takes care of his health, then the results will be quite satisfying. Fitness is about making healthier choices and it is not about not giving up all the pleasures of life. Here are some tips for basic fitness:

Eat Healthily: What you put into your body will always be the most important factor that determines your health. If you provide your body with the right nutrition that it needs, then your body will reward you.

On the contrary, if you load up on junk then it will work against you.  A good diet should contain complete proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Instead of choosing specific foods to eat, choose foods that have these macros and combine them according to your wish.

Stay Hydrated: Water is essential to life and drinking an adequate amount of water is important for fitness and also the proper functioning of the body. Staying constantly hydrated will reduce the amount of water retention in the body. Water retention can be the reason why some people look overweight.

The less you supply water to your body, the more your body will feel the need to retain water. Moreover, water is required to absorb proteins in the body and if someone eats healthy diets rich in protein but doesn’t drink the necessary amount of water, then the intake of protein may end up damaging the livers.

So, eating healthy should always be backed by drinking the optimum amount of water. The right amount varies from person to person but a good starting point is to drink two to three liters of water every day.

Exercise Regularly: Good eating habits combined with the right kinds of exercise are essentially everything a person needs to do to stay fit and healthy. The kind of exercise a person needs to do depends on his individual goals.

In general, full-body workouts are great but some exercises will be different for different people depending on their goals. For example, the exercise pattern for someone who is trying to lose weight and someone who is trying to build muscle mass will not be the same.

Rest: Giving proper rest to your body is just as important as working out your muscles if your goal is to be and stay healthy. When someone undergoes resistance or weight training, then several micro-tears occur in the muscles of the body.

These micro-tears are recovered when a person is sleeping. That is why rest is so important. There should also be rest days in between workouts to give the body enough time to rest and heal itself.

Even if someone doesn’t work out in the gym, sleep is essential for him as well because a lack of sleep may cause several disorders and also have other negative effects.

Plan Your Meals: It is usually a good idea to decide at the start of the day what you are going to eat. Because leaving it uncertain will lead to last-minute choices and last-minute choices are often unhealthy.

It is also a good idea to stock up on healthy foods so that even if there is any craving to eat something, you will end up eating something healthy.

Eat Vegetables and Fruits: Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body. Both these things contain dietary fiber which is useful for the body.

However, between vegetables and fruits vegetables is usually the better choice because it contains more nutrients.

Calorie Tracking: When a person is getting started with a fitness goal in mind it is a good idea to keep track of the calories consumed. One’s daily calorie intake should be dependent on his goal.

For weight loss, there has to be a calorie deficit and for building muscle mass there has to be a calorie surplus. But these calories cannot come from eating unhealthy food. The meals should be well balanced and have the essential macros and vitamins.

Post Workout Nutrition: After a heavy workout, many people choose not to eat anything so that they can reduce their intake of calories. But it is not the right approach at all. This is a great time to eat because after having drained a lot of energy the body needs food to recover and providing food to it is important at that time.

Not eating after a workout will cause one to feel tired and lethargic and he will not be able to do other tasks of the day properly. So, it is important to eat after a workout session and fruits or lean proteins are generally good options of what to eat after an intense workout.

Avoid Sugar: If your goal is to become and stay healthy and fit, then the best thing you can do to sabotage that goal is to consume sugar. Sugar is harmful to the body and it is an extremely addictive substance.

Obese people are obese because they tend to eat a lot of sweets, chocolates, and desserts. Sugar is loaded with simple carbohydrates and is stored in the body as fat. So, people who consume a lot of sugar are bound to become fat and unhealthy.

Giving up sugar is the single most important thing you can do to take care of your health. If you have a sweet tooth then you can always replace sugar with healthier alternatives like honey or stevia.

Avoid Junk Food: There is a lot of junk food out there which are loaded with processed meats and simple carbohydrates. Processed meats go through so many processes that the final product is devoid of nutrients and it is made only to please the palates of the person consuming them.

However, these foods are everywhere and because they are so delicious, it is hard to imagine going through life without indulging in them once in a while. So, the idea isn’t to eliminate it but to minimize it. Allow yourself to have cheat meals once or twice a week if you are getting started.

Forgive Yourself: So, have you had that ice cream that you were not supposed to have and now you are feeling guilty about it? People starting on the path of fitness have often been there. In moments like these, it is important to forgive yourself. Remember that it takes 3500 calories for an average person to gain a pound.

So, these sudden deviations of food choices won’t affect you much until you make it a habit to eat unhealthy food again. The most important thing when it comes to fitness is consistency.

You can have two to three unhealthy meals every week and eat whatever you want without any regret if you know that you have eaten healthy foods in all your meals on the other days of the week.

Find A Friend: Walking a road can become easier if you find someone who will walk with you. The same goes for fitness. If you find a friend who is interested in getting fit, then you will have double the motivation because of the environment the two of you will create if you do it together.

You can push each other to give your best in the gym and when dining together you can push each other to eat healthy foods. But the idea of having someone go through this journey with you is that you find motivation.

So, discouraging people should be avoided and only like-minded optimistic people should be approached for this purpose.

Exercise the Right Way: Doing exercise is necessary to stay fit and active but what is more important is to do exercises the right way. The result of exercise depends on the quality of the exercise and not the quantity.

So rather than spending hours at the gym, it is more beneficial to exercise for a lesser period but push yourself to your limits at that time. But stay true to yourself about what you can achieve.

Don’t try to lift something too heavy for you and injure yourself in the process. Moreover, our bodies get used to certain exercises as we keep on repeating them. So, it is a good idea to bring some changes to your exercise routine every three or four weeks for the best results.

This change of routine will make exercises more fun, enjoyable and also yield the best results at the same time.

Set Realistic Goals: Most people give up the habit of exercise because they expect too much too soon. The truth is it takes some time for the results to come. So, people who set impossible goals for themselves work hard when they start and when they fail to achieve what they intended to in such a short amount of time, then they give up altogether.

It is also very important to stay patient. Everything about getting healthy sounds easy in theory. Just eat a healthy diet, exercise, stay hydrated, get a good night’s sleep and you are on your merry way to becoming healthy.

But in reality, this theory can be hard to implement and that is why a lot of patience is required. You should always remember why you started.  If you keep your results in mind and also begin to enjoy the process at the same time, you are bound to get positive results.

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